Zombification of America

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1.  ZOMBIFICATION OF AMERICA - Gift Donation  $5.00

Zombification is on the rise in America and in the church.  He gives 7 ways to identify if your pastor is a "zombie" and the church where you worship is a dead congregation.


2.  DUPPY - THE CARIBBEAN EVIL - Gift Donations $5.00

A duppy is a Jamaican ghost is in the form of a person or animal a water spirit or a shadow or a dead person.  In Jamaica grieving people get attack by sexual demons and goat demons who impersonate their deceased love ones.



This teaching talks about many rejected in the church, and Jesus is concern about the whole man.  It goes on to talk about destruction of the soul and some of the causes that affect you.  (paranoid personality, anti-social personality, dependent personality, obsessive personality and much more.



This teaching gives insight to judgement on America and scriptures to support the prophetic judgement warnings.  (Jer. 50:23, Rev. 19:7, Rev 17:16).  But we know that God can delay His judgement. (I Chron 21:15) AMP.


5.  VAMPIRISM - Gift Donation $5.00

This teaching will enlighten you to what's going on in America.  It talks about how people are drinking human and animal blood and getting their teeth sawed to represent knifes and sword.  How they can drain your spirit. They are very critical, controllers and full of self pity.


6.  KAIROS ENGAGE MARINE SPIRITS - Gift Donation $5.00

The devil has transferred warfare into the waters and the battles are intensifying.  The church has been asleep concerning water spirits. (Revelation 12:12) - "Woe into the inhabitants of the earth and the seas."  Marines spirits are destructive demonic powers in the waters.


7.  THE TACTIC OF ABADDON - Gift Donation $5.00

This message concerns marriage couples and the tactics of a ruler spirit name Abaddon or Apollyon, the destroyer.  Abaddon is a place of destruction, death and ruin.  He is the angel of the abyss.  His assignment is to destroy marriages.


8.  DEATH SAINT - SANTA MUERTA - Gift Donation $5.00

This teaching was taught out of Mexico.  Many of the people was delivered from curses and death spirits because they had worshipped a statue called Santa Muerta - the Saint  of death. This practice is rooted in ancient Aztec religious rites.  This statue requires (blood sacrifice, animal or human).


9.  THE BOGIEMAN - Gift Donation $5.00

This teaching talks about the paranormal when you tell your child the boogieman going to get them if they are bad.  Without meaning to, that spoken word curse opens up demonic portals to tormenting fears, trauma and the paranormal.


10.  THE BOGIEMAN - Gift Donation $5.00

This teaching adds that the boogieman is an oppressor of children.  The boogieman is an imaginary spirit, and demonic entity.


11.  MASS DELIVERANCE - Gift Donation $5.00

This teaching talks about sickness, disease and infirmities in our bodies.  A mass deliverance was giving, and people was delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit


12.  HEBRAIC CALENDER  - Gift Donation $5.00

This teaching talks about bitterness and leviathan the month of September.



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