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“Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, (PSTD) the malady that plagues hundreds of thousand of Vietnam veterans today is a SPIRITUAL problem, and a bi-product of pagan curses.

“In late 1989, Point Man Ministries headquarters received a verbal report that an ex-Buddhist monk had shared with an American pastor regarding demonic curses being cast upon American troops during the Vietnam war.

“Since we know that Satan’s playground and battlefield is mostly the minds of men.  We began to take serious notice of how these so-called curses may have affected all Vietnam veterans.  When we did, we realized that PTSD’s origin had more of an explanation than simply being beaten down by the rigors of combat and participating in an unpopular war.

“According to the ex-Buddhist priest, an entire sect of Vietnamese Buddhist monks spent years heaping specific curses upon all Americans that came to fight their country.  These specific curses were:

That the American soldiers would become wandering men and women for the rest of their lives. That they would never find peace.

That they would be angry men and women for the rest of their lives.

“The secular way of bringing mental health and healing to the Vietnam veteran has not produced any permanent satisfactory results since the war ended.  One veteran described their administrated practices as putting a band-aid on a bullet hold.”

“To understand what really happened to our troops in S.E. Asia, and why they are seemingly hopeless cases, with incurable’ stress problems we must look from the spiritual side of things.  We must look at the eternal, not the physical.  Before the United States entered this conflict in Vietnam, France had been occupying the country for many years.  France failed to keep the peace between the warring tribes of Vietnam and was ousted.  History reveals that in the areas of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand there have been century-old battles between these tribes.

“During that time much of the religion in these areas was Buddhism and Hinduism, mixed with Spiritism ((worshipping spirits).  Over the centuries this part of the world was given over to pagan spiritual powers.”

“When they (these warring tribes) went to war they called their gods (principalities, powers, rulers, spiritual wickedness) to fight for them.  During these battles they had learned how to call on the spirits to destroy their opponents.  When foreign powers came to their countries, they also used these same spiritual forces against them.  Our American men and women went to fight a physical war, not a spiritual one.  They were spiritually ambushed and much sickness, confusion, mental torment, and death (especially through suicide) followed.”

Curse of Vietnam: Text
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