God is our covering, our protection, a defense for us from all danger and harm.  This teaching highlights Psalms 91 as our protection and reminds us that, this is a spiritual battle, and we must fight against the powers of darkness.


2.  THE WICKED SPIRIT OF PISGAH - Gift Donation $5.00

Pisgah is a place of rebellion.  The wicked spirit of Pisgah today, lets you see the promise but will not allow you to enter in.  Moses was not allow to enter into Cannan, he could only view it from Mt. Pisgah because of his rebellion.


3.  A DECEPTIVE TONGUE - Gift Donation $5.00

God is concern what comes out of our mouth.  Our tongue is unruly evil full of deadly poison, a consuming fire and completely out of control.  Seven tongues was identified as toxic and deliverance follow afterwards.  The tongue is to be used to:  edify, exalt and comfort.


4.  THE SPIRIT OF WORRY - Gift Donation $5.00

This teaching talks about worrying is a sin, harassing spirit, and torment spirit.  Worry is satanic mediation.


5.  WHAT IS THE ANOINTING - Gift Donation $5.00

The anointing is the power of God, a divine enablement to accomplish God's plan while on this earth.  The anointing equips us with the miracle power of God to cast out demons.  Talks about true and false anointing's.


6.  MODERN-DAY MARY MAGDALENE - Gift Donation $5.00

This teaching talks about seven spirits that was believed, to have been cast out of Mary Magdalene.  And goes on to talk about how these demons still exist today.


6.  A BROKEN HEART - Gift Donation $5.00

This teaching talks about life devastations that causes a broken heart, and how to identify if you have a broken heart.  God never intended for us to be trapped by life devastations.




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