Each night, deliverance and healing took place as souls opened their lives to Jesus. Many of demons were cast out of the people.   On Friday morning and Friday night, many were delivered from demonic bondages and were set free that very hour.  We give thanks to the precious Holy Spirit for setting His people free.  On Saturday a mass deliverance took place that included a group of spirits rooted in sickness, disease and infirmities that came in through generational curses or just bad eating habits that caused these spirits to attach themselves to that person.   As soon as the demons were driven out, many experienced immediate healing in some areas.  Jesus were exalted and glorified. Others experienced liberation just by being present in the conference.

                                           2016 CONFERENCE

Many demons were cast out of the people.  They were set free and delivered from demonic bondages, strange acts - strange and mighty works of Jesus, Jesus Christ was exalted in every service, manifested miracles.  Many young people came to the altar, and many leaders was taught, the gifts of the spirit.
Mark 1:39 - So He went throughout the whole of Galilee, preaching in their synagogues and driving out demons.
                                                                              2018 CONFERENCE
Many were set free from demonic bondages and Jesus Christ was glorified.  The Holy Spirit visit us each night and many received instant deliverance.  We give thanks to the precious Holy Spirit for setting His people free.  Many were bound by generational curses and never realizing they can be set free from generational curses.  A lot of our problems are generational curses that have been past down from generation to generation but God  has given us an escape and that escape is through Jesus Christ.  To God be the Glory for He has done.  Amen
                                                                                  2019 CONFERENCE
This conference were one of  the most unusual one.  God visit us and many strange acts took place.  Many was set free from demonic bondages.  They were trained  how to hear the voice of God.  Many were surprise they can hear from God.  We did exercises and many prophecy with accuracy for the first time.  Everyone left feeling like they was ready to concord the world.  We was rejoicing how God visit us, Thanks be to God.
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